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Graphics Chip and Video Card Repair

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You turn on your Alienware laptop and suddenly you see no display or there are colored lines on the screen or the screen does not display as it should, and then you are probably experiencing a problem with your laptop GPU. The problem is your GPU might be failing. An indicator of graphic or video card failure is a system crash or your laptop might reboot randomly or freezes when you try playing a movie or game. The GPU is built into the motherboard of the laptop. When the GPU has a problem, the rest of the motherboard works in a normal condition and that is the reason you can turn on your laptop and can see the LED lights up. As the fault is in the built-in video chipset, the laptop will not display anything.

Why does the GPU fail?

There are 2 main reasons behind the failure of a GPU in Alienware laptop. The most common reason is that it fails due to a faulty connection. The GPU is present in the motherboard and due to wear and tear and as the chip gets switched from cold to very hot, the solder under the chipset gets damaged. Later, the chip gets separated from the motherboard and results in the failure of the GPU.
Another reason is that the chipset fails by itself internally between the silicon crystal and chip base. As per this fact, the issue is considered to be the bumps that connect the die to the substrate and not the solder balls that connects the substrate to the motherboard.

Quick and Affordable Graphics Chip and Video Card Repair

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