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ALIENWARE Laptop Keyboard Repair

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Keyboard failure is a very common problem in Alienware laptops. Frequent-used keys get jammed completely, become sticky or fall off. Or laptop keys can haphazardly fail, resulting errors in your very important and urgent reports.

Creative IT USA, a complete Alienware laptop repair shop, provides component level laptop keyboard repair and replacement service for all Alienware notebooks and laptops models. We have a team of well trained and experienced technicians who are 24/7 committed to provide professional keypad repair and replacement services at a very affordable cost. Creative IT USA is a Murrieta, California based company providing Alienware laptop and notebook keyboard repair and replacement service all across the United States of America (USA).

Luckily, Alienware laptop keyboard repair and replacement is not a cumbersome process. We have a large collection of commonly-used Alienware laptop keyboards in our inventory. It means you won’t be without your laptop for long. So those important reports won’t remain pending until the next meeting.

We can fix all types of laptop keyboard issues, includes:

• Liquid/water Spillage on the keyboard
• Sticky Keys
• Completely Jammed Keys
• Malfunctioning/Non-functioning of the keys

Get your Alienware laptop keyboard repaired or replaced

Our laptop keypad replacement process is convenient and quick. We at Creative IT US do not outsource Laptop keyboard repair work to any third person. Our laptop keyboard repair and replacement service is thoroughly carried out by our qualified, skilled and experienced IT professionals. And that means you can get your Laptop’s keyboard repaired or replaced on the same day only. If we can’t fix it within the specified time, we’ll keep your laptop overnight and return it to you the next day.

Reasonable Alienware laptop keyboard repair or replacement!

It can be very annoying and frustrating especially when your laptop’s keyboard fails to work normally. We guarantee you won’t be paying over the odds for your Alienware laptop keyboard repair and replacement service. We provide repair and replacement service for anyone working or living wherever in United States. If you’re close to one of our repair stores, drop your laptop in, and our knowledgeable and friendly professionals will get to work on it then and there. If you have any inquiries regarding our services, call us on 213 986 4855 or write us at

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