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DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement

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The power jack on the laptop is also known as an AC DC (direct current), which is an inside piece in the laptop where the DC power plug plugs into. The DC power jack is also known as power plug, DC power input jack, laptop DC power connector, AC plug, plug adapter, inlet, laptop prong, inlet and receptacle part. If the only way you can turn on your computer is by holding the power plug at an angle or wiggling it, then it means you have a bad power jack or DC jack.

Why DC Power Jack Fails?

DC Jacks usually fail due to normal wear and tear or universal adapter tips that don’t fit properly, both cause the jack to wiggle around which weakens the solder joints and damages the jack. Another crucial reason for the power jack damage is the power cable being bent so much that the power socket inside the laptop is ripped out of the motherboard. It also gets damaged if you accidentally drop the laptop from a table and it lands on a DC power plug that pushes and breaks the inside power jack connector of your laptop.

Bad DC Power Jack Symptoms

The laptop won’t start unless the power cable is kept at a particular angle or wiggled
The laptop will randomly charge or switch between battery and AC power
The laptop will run off battery power, but not AC

Quick and Affordable DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement

Replacing the DC jack can save you lots of money over the price of a new logic board. Repairing and replacing a DC jack requires more experience and training, it is not for novices. Sometimes the laptop need to be completely disassembled, in most cases the damaged power jack must be de-soldered and replaced, and then the laptop is reassembled. If you try to solve the problem by yourself without proper experience and tools, you can cause serious damage to your motherboard.

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